1. Keep money in different places. Have a backup bill somewhere for emergencies and make sure not to touch it unless absolutely necessary.
  2. In hostels or any other places where you might share a room with other people, sleep with your valuables on your body. Wear your money belt under your pajama. If you have a bag, use it as a body pillow. Don’t spread your belongings around the room or bed, especially valuables.
  3. On a bus or train, never put valuables in the luggage compartment or on the shelf above your seat.
  4. Wear your daypack in front, not on your back.
  5. If you’re sitting down to eat or drink, don’t just drop your daypack on the floor. Wrap the strap around your legs and keep the bag between your feet.
  6. If you have a money belt, don’t open it in public. Go to the restroom or take out what you need before heading out.

    travel safety tips

    Market in Nasik, India

  7. If you’re being picked up, confirm the name of the driver before you get there. Then ask the driver’s name, don’t approach him/her saying: hello, are you [name]?
  8. Keep hand sanitizer in your day pack and a roll of toilet paper.
  9. Always carry a bottle of water with you.
  10. Carry a disinfectant spray and/or an antiseptic cream.
  11. Look around you. Get in the habit of scanning a place for safety.

    travel safety tips

    La Paz, Bolivia.

  12. If locals approach you and tell you NOT to walk down a certain street or around a certain area, listen.
  13. If someone starts pestering or grabbing you, find the nearest public place with people: restaurant, bar, office…
  14. If you’re a girl traveling alone, buy and wear a ‘wedding ring’.
  15. If in doubt, boil water before using it.