Inspired by a conversation with my friend Julie, I’ve decided to add a tiny bookshelf to this blog’s resources. I thought I’d share a few books with you that relate to culture shock in some way. Happy reading!

Rosita Arvigo (with Nadine Epstein): Sastun

Lizzie Collingham: Curry – A tale of cooks and conquerors

Tsitsi Dangarembga: Nervous Conditions

Guy Deutscher: Through the language glass

M.F.K. Fisher: Love in a Dish

Cristina Garcia: Dreaming in Cuban

Alex Haley: Roots

Pico Iyer: Sun After Dark – Flights into the Foreign

Jack Kerouac: On the road

Paule Marshall: Praisesong for the widow

Frank McCourt: ’Tis

Andrew X. Pham: Catfish and Mandala

Luis J. Rodriguez: Always running

John Steinbeck: The grapes of wrath

Ronald Takaki: A different mirror

Ngugi wa Thiong’o: Moving the Centre

Kim Thúy: Ru

Helena María Viramontes: The moths and other stories

Hisaye Yamamoto: Seventeen syllables and other stories